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icon download British Columbia LinkBritish Columbia has an excellent searchable directory where you can input the province/ territory along with the targeted game species in order to find an outfitter. Including Yukon.

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 Non-resident aliens hunting big game must be guided by a registered Yukon outfitter.

Non-resident Canadians hunting big game must be guided by a registered Yukon outfitter or guided by a Yukon resident hunter holding a special guide licence.
All non-residents must pay harvest fees on any big game animals taken, prior to leaving Yukon.
Non-residents may purchase a small game only licence and hunt small game and game birds without a guide.
Big Game Seal Fees (GST EXTRA)
Moose $5 Goat $10 Bison $10
Caribou $5 Deer $50 Grizzly Bear $25
Sheep $10 Elk $10 Black Bear $5
Non Resident Harvest Fees (GST EXTRA
Coyote $50 Woverine $75 Moose $150
Mountain Goat $200 Grizzly Bear (male) $500 Grizzly Bear (Female) $750
Black Bear $75 Wolf $75 Caribou $150
Mountain Sheep $250 Bison $500    
According to Statistics Canada (2015), the Yukon has an estimated population of 36,789 people a population density of 0.08 people per sq. km. This territories capital is Whitehorse and covers a geographic area of 483,450 square kilometres (186,661 square miles) in size which makes it larger than California. It also represents 4.8% of Canada's total land area. 
The Yukon's hunting districts are divided into 19 Outfitter Concessions. which can measure in thousands of square miles each.
Each outfitter has been given a specific area to manage
and all non residents must book through these outfitters to hunt big game (but not small game).

A range of hunting experiences are available, what is your interest?

Black Bear, Caribou, Deer, Elk, Mountain Goats, Grizzly Bears, Moose, Polar Bear, Sheep, Wolf, Coyotes, Wolverine and Wood Bison.
When you are successful and chances are good. Note that some hunting trophies have harvest fees in addition to the hunting tag that you have purchased.

Yukon Outfitter Territories


Environment Yukon Offices

Whitehorse District
  • 10 Burns Road Box 2703, Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 2C6
  • Phone: 867-667-5652 Toll free number: 1-800-661-0408, ext. 5652, Fax: 867-393-6206
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Carmacks District
  • Box 132, Carmacks, Yukon Y0B 1C0
  • Phone: 867-863-2411 Dawson City District Box 600 , Dawson City, Yukon Y0B 1G0
  • Phone: 867-993-5492 Old Crow District Phone: 867-993-5492
Faro District
  • Box 98 , Faro, Yukon Y0B 1N0
  • Phone: 867-994-2862 Haines Junction District Box 5429, Haines Junction, Yukon Y0B 1L0
  • Phone: 867-634-2247
Mayo District
  • Box 40, Mayo, Yukon Y0B 1M0
  • Phone: 867-996-2202 Ross River District Box 107, Ross River, Yukon Y0B 1S0
  • Phone: 867-969-2202
Teslin District
  • Box 97, Teslin, Yukon Y0A 1B0
  • Phone: 867-390-2685
Watson Lake District
  • Box 194, Watson Lake, Yukon Y0A 1C0
  • Phone: 867-536-3210
Yukon Fish and Game Association
  • 509 Strickland Street Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 2K5 Phone: 867-667-4263
  • Website: www.yukonfga.ca

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Bureau of Landmanagement - Flickr

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