Let Canada-Hunts guide you to one of Prince Edward Island's hunting guides or outfitters and plan your next incredible hunting adventure on one of Prince Edward Island's unique and incredible hunts. Experience Incredible Trophy Hunting in Prince Edward Island’s Wilderness using Rifle, Archery / Bow. Unique hunts in one of the finest habitats of North America.

The first things you may need are the regulations and links

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According to Statistics Canada (2015), Prince Edward Island has an estimated population of 146,293 people and its capital is Charlottetown. PEI consists of a main island and 231 minor islands. For what is the smallest province having a land mass of 5685.73 km2 and it has Canada's highest population density at 25.73 people per km2.  Wikipedea​

Prince Edward Island Hunting Zones

A review of the Hunting regulations does not show a Zone map for the island. So one must assume that the entire island is one zone.

Big Game

There is no big game on the island of Prince Edward Island and there are no big game seasons.


All of the outfitters that I found on the island were engaged in waterfowl activites.


Photo Credit for Background

Barney Moss - Montague Sunset - Flickr

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