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The first things you may need are the regulations and links

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According to Statistics Canada (2015), New Brunswick has an estimated population of 753,319 people and its capital is Frederickton. New Brunswick covers a geographic area of 71377.18 sq km of which about 80% of that is forested. These numbers calculate a population density of 10.55 people per sq km.  Wikipedea​

New Brunswick Hunting Zones

New Brunswick has 27 hunting Zones.

New Brunswick Wildlife Management Zones

Black Bear

The black bear population in New Brunswick is placed at about 17,000


The ministry currently has a single 5 day hunt and is looking at changing this to two 3 day hunts separated by a 2 week spread. Last year's harvest was about 3,700 animals and hunters reported an 80% success rate.

Whitetail Deer

Department of Natural Resources documents show deer herds down to 74,000 in 2014 from 270,000 animals in 1985 and New Brunswick has put the whitetail on the endangered species list.




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