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According to Statistics Canada (2015), Alberta has an estimated population of 4,175,409 people and its capital is Edmonton. Alberta covers a geographic area of 661,190 square kilometres (255,290 sq mi) and a population density of 6.52 people per sq km.

Alberta hunting districts are broken into 5 major regions.

Map of Alberta MNUs

Prairie WMUs 100 Series & 732 consists of 31 MNU's.
Parkland WMUs 200 Series (& 728, 730, 936) has 35 MNU's
The Foothills WMUs 300 Series comprises of 42 MNU's
Mountain WMUs 400 Series has the least MNU's at 29.
The Boreal500 Series (& 841) ties the Foothills with 42 MNU's


Alberta's Big game opportunities includes:

  • Whitetail and Mule Deer, Elk, Moose, Sheep, Black Bear, Cougar, Bison, Pronghorn, Wolf, Coyote, 

Small game includes:

  • (Separate Licences may be required.)
  • (Conditions may also apply, check Regulations)
  • Upland Game birds, Pheasant, Turkey, Porcupine, rabbit, hare, raccoon, woodchuck, Red squirrel, Badger, Bobcat.

Bighorn Sheep

Alberta sports many record book trophies and you will find that the guides’ allocation of tags will mean that you don’t have to enter a draw to hunt Bighorn Sheep in Alberta. Most hunts take place in September and October with a special archery hunt that takes place in November near the Town of Canmore.

Mule Deer

In 1926 Alberta produced the top non typical record book mule deer and that record has yet to be matched or beaten. 200 class bucks are becoming common place and 250 point bucks are also being scored.

I thought that it was the prairies district that was producing these monster bucks but it appears that they can be had almost anywhere in Alberta.

 Hunting season(s) for Mule Deer starts in August and runs through to the end of November. 

Whitetail Deer

Whitetail are a stable hunt right across Canada with only a few exceptions in the eastern provinces and Alberta has its share of  Boone and Crockett typical and non-typical record book entries that have jockeyed for the #1 spot in the last 20 years.

Again, Whitetails can be found anywhere in the province and it would be a roll of the dice to pick where the next monster buck is going to come from.

Hunting season(s) starts in Mid September  and runs through to the end of November. 


Non-resident hunts must exercise care when hunting Elk in Alberta as most management units permit six-point (on one side) or better bulls to be harvested, thus allowing a greater number of bulls to reach full maturity and larger trophies in the long run.

This practice has lead to some large record book entries that would make any hunter, gun or bow proud and has allowed the range of the elk to expand from it’s fortress that use to be the only in the mountain district.

Note, there are archery only zones and early archery zones for the avid bow hunter to get the best trophy hunt possible. 


The prairie district of the province produces some of the best hunting trophies in North America and has produced at least 3 trophies scoring 85+  in the last 15 years.

However, you should note that there is a resident and a non-resident draw that the hunter will have to enter. Refer to hunting regulations for the current status and your opportunities for drawing a tag on this hunt. 

Black Bear

The boreal and foothill districts of the province sports a bear population of about 35,000 animals and about 5% of that population exhibits some sore of colour phase.

Baiting of black bears is permitted in the following WMUs: 322, 330-338, 348, 358-360, 500-506, 509, 510, 512-520, 522, 523, 529-536, 539-544, and portions of WMUs 320, 324, 357, 507, 521, 526 and 528 (check with local Fish and Wildlife offices for more information).

Spring and Fall hunts are available from numberous outfitters and the province has a 2 bear limit. Thus offering the hunter some exciting hunts where it is combined with another species or a strictly bear hunt only.

Grizzly Bear

Although there is no current Grizzly Bear Hunt in Alberta the prospect for a hunt is growing. It should be noted that this bear population which is located mainly in the southwest corner of the province (Jasper and Banff areas) has been growing 2 to 3% annually since 2004.

Now problem bears are sparking organizations like The Alberta Fish and Game Association to pressure the province to open a resident only hunt.


​Alberta shares with British Columbia the ability for a trophy moose hunter to go after one of two species in the province. The Western moose which is found through most of the province or the smaller Shiras moose that are located along the south western edge of the province.

Boone and Crockett recognize three moose from Alberta in the top ten list.

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