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Canada is one of the world's last frontiers when it comes to hunting. Experience Incredible Trophy Hunting in Canada’s finest habitat using Rifle, Archery / Bow.  Use our Provincial Section to find one of the best outfitters and guides Canada can offer.

Nunavut, the Northwest Territories, and the Yukon all have extremely low population densities and outfitters measure their hunting concessions and territories by 1,000's of square miles.

British Columbia probably has the highest diversity of big game wildlife ranging from Sheep, Mountain Goat, Deer, Elk and Bear to name a few and Alberta makes a close second while providing some excellent Pronghorn hunting.

Saskatchewan has good Pronghorn hunting and a strain of whitetail that produces big bucks. For some unknown reason as of yet the moose population there is going wild.

Along with the Yukon, Nunavut, Quebec, and Labrador destinations for Caribou. Manitoba should not be left out of your equation for a great hunt. Also, species such as Elk, Whitetail, Moose and Black Bear are right up there with the reset of the Provinces for creating a great hunting adventure.

West of Sudbury Ontario is a proven magnet for Moose, and Black Bear in Ontario while southern Ontario can provide some excellent Waterfowl, Turkey and Deer Hunting.

Quebec’s northern territories in Nunavit provide great opportunities for Moose, Bear and Caribou.

Nova Scotia advertises big bucks, New Brunswick boasts big bears, and PEI has some of the best waterfowl hunting to be had.

Finally New Foundland is noted for its Moose Hunting.

As you can see, no matter which Province that you hunt. There is a great hunting adventure to be had. You only need to choose your quarry and a destination for your hunt.

Canada-Hunts will be providing information on each species as well as provincial data for planning your next Hunt.

Our hunting categories are Big Game, Small Game, Upland Game (which includes Game Birds (Grouse, Turkey, Pheasant, etc.) and Waterfowl.

In addition, we have added recipes under our What's Cooking section as well as some check lists and informative articles in our Blog section.

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Big Game

  • American Bison (Bison Bison)

  • Bighorn Sheep (Ovis Canadensis)

  • Black Bear (Ursus Americanus)

  • Bobcat (Lynx Rufus)

  • Caribou (Woodland Caribou, Peary Caribou, Barren Ground Caribou)


  • Cougar (Puma Concolor)

  • Dall Sheep (Ovis Dalli)

  • Elk (Cervus Canadensis)

  • Grizzly Bear (Ursus Arctos Ssp.)

  • Lynx (Lynx)

  • Moose (Alces Alces)

  • Mountain Goat (Oreamnos Americanus)

  • Mule Deer ((Odocoileus Hemionus)

  • Muskox (Ovibos Moschatus)

  • Polar Bear (Ursus Maritimus)

  • Pronghorn / Antelope (Antilocapra Americana)

  • Whitetail Deer (Odocoileus Virginianus)

  • Walrus (Odobenus Rosmarus)

  • Wolverine (Gulo Gulo)

  • Grey Wolves (Gray Wolf, Timber Wolf, Tundra Wolf, Plains Wolf)  

Small Game

  • Badger

  • Coyote

  • Foxes

  • Groundhog (Woodchuck)

  • Marmot

  • North American Porcupine

  • Opossum

  • Rabbits and Hares

  • Racoon

  • Skunks

  • Squirrels

Upland Game Bird

  • Cranes 

  • Cormorant

  • Crows, Magpies and Ravines

  • Doves and Pigeons

  • New World Quail

  • Pheasant, Grouse, and Wild Turkey


  • Swans

  • Geese

  • Mergansers 

  • Puddle Ducks

  • Diving Ducks

  • Sea Ducks

Hunting in Canada's Provinces and Territories

  • Nunavut

  • Northwest Territories

  • Yukon

  • British Columbia

  • Alberta

  • Saskatchewan

  • Manitoba

  • Ontario

  • Quebec

  • New Brunswick

  • Nova Scotia

  • Prince Edward Island

  • Newfoundland and Labrador

What's Cooking

  • Basic Recipes for the Out of Doors

  • Wild Game Recipes for the Out of Doors

  • Pasta Recipes

Hunting Blogs

  • Hunting Checklists

  • Grocery Checklists

  • Hunting Optics

  • Hunting Generators

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